Eisai, Inc. Benefits Open Enrollment Brand Program

For 2016, Alessi & Co continues to evolve the visual brand we established for Eisai's 2015 Benefits Open Enrollment program, that won itself an American Graphic Design Award.

In order to communicate crucial information that has an impact on every U.S. Eisai employee, we presented at-a-glance, informative infographics and incorporated Q&A conversational graphics to make the content relevant. New this year, a benefit-based collage was created to tell the story of Eisai’s Work/Life Solutions program. Expanded vendor resources as well as screen captures from the HR intranet site, that Alessi & Co also designed, enabled employees to find further information.

All elements were distributed both on the employee intranet and as a printed brochure, then followed up with a postcard featuring a bold, time-sensitive, call-to-action to keep enrollment on track and on time.


An internal brand that continues to evolve and engage employees.

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